Guestbook for Jeff Macholz Photography, LLC
Very nice work by a very nice guy. It was a pleasure meeting you Jeff and to look at the wide variety of your photography, especially your slow exposures in the Abstractions gallery. All the best to you.
Mickey Skelton(non-registered)
Nice work , nice site.
Helen Lawrence(non-registered)
Just happened to be looking through wineries online and saw your ad. Went to your website and I love the photos.
Nice to see you are doing so well.....
David Quigley(non-registered)
Hi Jeff,

Very Nice website ! Maybe one day we can go out shooting together ! Can I ask you a favor is there away you can email the shoots you took last night direct to my email. I would like to have the one's you think came out the best of Lynne & I and the best of Jamie & Chris with Lynne and me. Thanks hope I'm not asking to much. Dave -
Angela Pecora(non-registered)
I am so very impressed with the photos on this site, Jeff! Love them! If I can, I will certainly take a ride to the Clovis Winery in Jamesport :).